Pastor Henry Higgins

Pastor Henry Higgins is the Pastor of Creative Christian Arts Ministries International.Pastor Henry along with his wife Ann has establish four (4) community centers which help chidren with homework and reading in the evenings after school.Also a  Resource Center and Cultural Arts Insitute.Pastor Henry Higgins is Known as a Cultural Ambassador in his country when it comes to his culture.

Pastor Henry Higgins began studying Bahamian Folk Dance at the age of 5 years, under the tutelage of his cousin Sam Webb and his grandfather Bertram Bonamy in Arthur’s Town Cat Island. While at the Stephen Dillette Primary School he also took up drama as one of his classes. In 1974 he joined the Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps where he played the tom tom drums and was a drill and flag attendant.

In 1979 he attended Government High School where he studied drama under Mrs. Helen Moree and dance under Mr. Ednal Wright. He led in productions such as Witch-hunt and Purlie. He also was a National Arts Festival winner in 1980 in the drama category. He also attended the National Dance School under the tutelage of Ms. Shirley Hall Bass. He led his school in winning the National High School Dance Championships and worked as a part time dancer at the Ronnie’s Rebel Room and the Ambassador Beach Hotel.

At the Church of God of Prophecy, Henry served as a choir director, marching band member and the choreographer for a number of church productions. He was also a member of the Nassau Players Drama Group and a member of two gospel-singing groups, the Gospel Hummingbirds and the Dynamic Gospel Flames in which he played the drums.

Henry began teaching dance in 1987 and has been teaching dance throughout the Bahamas and the United States for the last 25 years. In 1990 he formed The Cultural Explosion Dance Company and in 1991 he was chosen to be the choreographer for the Shell Saxon Superstars a major cultural Junkanoo group in the Bahamas. He has represented the Bahamas locally and internationally in the area of dance and junkanoo. In 1998 Henry re-dedicated his life to Christ.

Henry Higgings has served on school boards as chairman,also President of a soccer league. He is employed with the Government of the Bahamas in the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture.

In 2002 Henry and his wife Ann formed the Bahamas National Liturgical Dance Company whose vision is to represent the Bahamas spiritually and culturally throughout the world. He is also director of the Bahamian Folklore Dance Company.He is the proud father of seven children and 13 grand-children.Henry’s ultimate vision is to take the Performing Arts and The Culture of The Bahamas to glorify God.