Caribbean Christian Dance Network

CCDN was established in 1994 and held its first Dance Conference with an international delegation of a hundred and fifty persons locally. The attendance every night was three hundred to four hundred persons. The conference has grown since then to over four hundred international delegates and nine hundred plus local delegates. The Bahamas Government’s Education Department, releases every year hundreds of students to participate in the Cultural Exchange Program.

Dancers Travel from around the world each year to participate in this great event. The conference is held every year during the summer months and has grown to a festival stage where there are indoor and outdoor events and Theatrical Productions. This year CCDN has taken Creative Arts to another level where Gods Glory can be exposed through every aspect of the Arts. CCDN joined with creative cultural arts agency in 2007 to host its first International youth and Cultural Festival in 2007. We are inviting groups such as Drama Teams, Dance Troupe Acrobatic Troupes, and Drill Teams Marching Bands etc.

CCDN has a spiritual covering and also consist of an Advisory Board, a Board of Directors and a Committee. CCDN is a arm of Creative Christian Arts Ministries International. Where the Pastors are Henry Higgins and Dr Ann Higgins Cultural Ambassadors of the Bahamas through the arts.

Cultural exchanges for this year will be into China, France, USA and the Caribbean. The Bahamas National Liturgical Dance Company, Conquerors for Christ Junkanoo Group and the Creative Cultural Arts folk Group will be Traveling to these destinations.